The humanities and social sciences provide knowledge for cultural and social orientation

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF), the DLR Project Management Agency manages the framework programme for the humanities, cultural and social sciences: in close cooperation with the scientific community, we develop funding priorities and formats and implement them. We also support research projects at the academic and administrative level, from reviews and applications to project completion.

We bring our many years of academic and administrative experience to assisting the BMBF in effectively achieving its research policy goals of

  1. establishing specific priority topics in the humanities and social sciences,
  2. advancing internationalisation, structuralisation and the development of young researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

Innovation, interdisciplinarity, international cooperation and flexibility in performing the tasks with which we are entrusted are guiding principles of our work. Quality management and quality assurance are key components of our internal organisation.

For the Ministry of culture and science of North Rhine-Westphalia, we launched the network "connectNRW". The aim is to strengthen the humanities and social sciences excellence in North Rhine-Westphalia with connectNRW. Another goal is the networking of researchers and scientists in the sense of an inter- and transdisciplinary research.

Our skills profile includes:

1. Humanities, cultural and social sciences with the funding priorities

  • Excellence in the humanities
  • Area studies
  • Cultural heritage, cultural diversity and civil society
  • Research infrastructures and structuralisation
  • Next-generation researchers

2. Administration
DLR Project Management Agency places its administrative competencies at the disposal of the BMBF, applicants and funding recipients in all administrative matters relating to project funding. It ensures that legal conditions for project funding are met and the specific rules and standards of the BMBF are observed. The scope of our work covers the entire process from application advice and processing to providing assistance in ongoing projects and reviewing completed projects.

3. International affairs
DLR Project Management Agency assists its client in internationalising the humanities and social sciences. Our funding formats are increasingly transnationally oriented. Within projects, international guest researchers, advisors and reviewers intensify exchange with specialist disciplines in Europe and around the world.

The National Contact Point for Society (NCP-Society) in DLR Project Management Agency offers a special service. It provides researchers with information on all aspects of the EU Framework Programme and offers services such as individual advice for preparing and submitting applications or for organising information events, workshops and seminars.

Our topics

Käte Hamburger

Strengthening excellence in the humanities
Cutting-edge research is based on freedom and innovative formats for development. With the Käte Hamburger International Centres in the Humanities and the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association we are supporting these formats. 

Contact person: Dr. Kerstin Lutteropp

Advancing area studies
Due to globalisation and migration movements, we need more substantiated knowledge about other countries and cultures. We strengthen our intercultural competence in the area studies especially through new forms of cooperation.

Contact person: Dr. Rolf Geserick

Deutsches Museum

Stimulating research through collections and objects
Our cultural heritage is a key component of our cultural memory. We work on raising public awareness on research with cultural heritage in collections, museums, libraries and archives.

Contact persons: Dr. Kerstin Lutteropp, Dr. Christopher Wertz

Promoting cultural diversity and civil society
Science and research consider it their responsibility to contribute to solving the central societal issues of our time. We develop funding measures and formats that support this goal.

Contact person: Dr. Cedric Janowicz

Creating conditions for innovative research
Modern information technologies enhance the research in humanities. With our work we support the creation of new formats for scientific collaboration and innovative research approaches.

Contact persons: Dr. Maria Böhme, Johanna Puhl, Nicole Fuchs

connectNRW – Network for humanities, social sciences and cultural studies
The network "connectNRW" aims to strengthen the humanities and social sciences excellence in North Rhine-Westphalia in relation to the diverse topics of the central societal issues of our time.

Contact person: Jennifer Striebeck

The National Contact Point for Society advises on the European Framework Programme
The National Contact Point for Society (NCP-Society) is the national information centre for researchers from public institutions and businesses who wish to participate in "Horizon2020"  in the field of the socio-economic sciences and humanities.

Contact person: Franziska Scherer


Contact Persons

  • Dr. Cedric Janowicz

    • Head of Department Humanities and Social Sciences
    • DLR Project Management Agency
    • Society, Innovation, Technology
    • Telephone: +49 228 3821-1769
    • Fax: +49 228 3821-1500