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Concluded funding priorities

Funding initiative "Freedom for the Humanities"
With its initiative "Freedom for the Humanities" (2007-2012), the BMBF strategically established its funding programmes in the humanities and developed and implemented new funding formats for the humanities, such as the Käte Hamburger Collegia, in accordance with the recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities. The initiative met with an extremely positive response from the scientific community. Many experiences and successes of the initiative have been incorporated into the current framework programme for the humanities, cultural and social sciences (2013-2017).

Science studies
Project funding in this area aims to examine interactions between science, politics and society and improve capacity building in science studies in Germany in order to ensure compatibility with the Anglo-American research landscape, among other things.

Following an exploration period (2002), twelve research projects on the topic of "Knowledge for decision-making processes" were supported in a first funding phase (2003-2008). The second funding phase (2008-2013) focused on issues relating to “New Governance in Science”.

The results of the first funding phase on the topic of "Knowledge for decision-making processes" can be found in the book "Wissensproduktion und Wissenstransfer. Wissen im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft, Politik und Öffentlichkeit" (2008), edited by Renate Mayntz, Friedhelm Neidhardt, Peter Weingart and Ulrich Wengenroth. The results volume for the second funding phase, "Neue Governance der Wissenschaft. Reorganisation – externe Anforderungen – Medialisierung", edited by Edgar Grande, Dorothea Jansen, Otfried Jarren, Arie Rip, Uwe Schimank and Peter Weingart, were published in 2013.

Interaction between the natural sciences and the humanities
The aim of the funding priority was to facilitate equitable discussion between various disciplinary cultures and the use of humanistic methods to interpret data and results in the natural sciences. To this end, researchers from the humanities and the natural sciences collaborated in interdisciplinary research associations. Projects in two key disciplines were funded:
a) archaeology and classical studies (2008-2011) and
b) language and literature studies (2008-2011/2011-2014).
radio feature by Deutschlandfunk reported on the closing event for the funding priority.

Flanking measures and public relations
As part of its activities in project funding, DLR Project Management Agency is also responsible for flanking measures. These include in particular organising and holding national and international events, and public relations activities.






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Science Studies
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Interaction between the natural sciences and the humanities
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