Supporting young researchers

A major aim of BMBF funding is to support next-generation researchers in their career paths. Many funding formats are therefore aimed at young researchers. The format of junior research groups was developed specifically in order to enable especially qualified post-docs and doctoral candidates to conduct self-chosen research and thereby gain further qualifications.

Junior research groups "Europe from the outside"
At the heart of the funding announcement "Europe from the outside" (2009) is the aim to further expand the internationalisation of the humanities in Germany and support the qualification of young researchers in an interdisciplinary research context. In 2009, an international review board recommended seven projects to the BMBF for the four-year funding programme. The junior research groups began their work in 2010.

The projects funded through the programme

    • Provide contributions on how external perception of Europe has developed historically and recently, and reconstruct the varying influences to which Europe is subject in its dealings with non-European countries;
    • Examine what “external” and “internal” mean from a European point of view and what developments these delineations and constructs undergo;
    • Enable especially gifted young academics with research and teaching experience to acquire further academic qualifications in order to recommend themselves for tasks in science and research and top positions in academia and industry;
    • Develop and maintain innovative research approaches and interdisciplinary scientific work;
    • Integrate visiting research fellows from abroad and establish national and international networks.

eHumanities junior research groups
Based on the "Call for proposals for guidelines to promote research and development projects in the eHumanities" published in January 2013, several new junior research groups will receive funding from 2014. The aim of this funding measure is to support the expansion of institutional and personnel capacities in the eHumanities at universities and non-university research institutions in Germany. It comprises two funding lines:

  • Funding for junior research groups;
  • Funding for eHumanities centres at German universities and non-university research institutions.

This funding measure for junior research projects offers next-generation researchers the opportunity to become further qualified for the field of eHumanities through a research project.

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